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Immersion: Making Learning Unforgetable!

At Cornerstone, we know that educational discipleship is so much more than mechanical classroom teaching and field trips. That is why at CCA we strive to give our students the best in immersive learning. Unlike field trips, immersion trips are an opportunity for our students to join their classroom learning with quality immersive experiences. Our teachers and sponsors are specially trained to ensure that each trip engages the student. Students gain practical skills, participate in critical thinking, gain experiential knowledge, and construct world view and ministry applications. Here are some features of our program:

  • In addition to regular field trips, all students 4th grade and up have the opportunity for at least one overnight immersion trip per year.
  • Sponsors are specially trained to focus the student on the learning task to extract the most out of the experience. Teachers write special objectives for trips as part of the fulfillment of the TEKS and CCA objectives.
  • CCA does special fundraising and gives a portion of tuition back to the immersion fund to keep the cost of trips to a minimum.
  • Kids love immersion trips better than the regular field trips because they are so much fun.
  • Immersion trips usually include a spiritual application/discipleship component to keep students’ minds on the ultimate goal of serving in God’s Kingdom.
  • Immersion is also our goal in the classroom; our teachers are trained to provide “minds on” learning, multiplying engagement, information retention (processing), and deeper thinking.

 Take a look at some of our Trips:

Adventure Camp

4th & 5th Grade

Every year, our upper elementary students embark on an exciting trip to the YMCA Adventure Camp, immersing themselves in the wonders of field biology. This extraordinary experience exposes them to various ecosystems such as prairies and water habitats, while also equipping them with essential survival and outdoor living skills. They engage in activities like map and compass navigation, group building exercises, and even explore the art of descriptive writing.

During their time at the camp, students not only indulge in thrilling adventures such as campfires, outdoor activities, rock-climbing, and canoeing, but they also have an immense amount of fun. This trip not only deepens their understanding of the environment and the scientific method, but it also fosters group unity and teaches them to think critically through a Christian worldview.

Undoubtedly, this perennial favorite excursion finds its way onto every elementary student’s bucket list.

Using the Past to Inform Our Future

Historical Simulation Conference

HSC is a weekend conference for students in 9th – 12th grade. Students at the conference participate in one of a set of role-playing scenarios designed and run by staff which simulate historical crises. In each scenario, students take on the roles of historical figure (kings, diplomats, generals, entire countries and more) and attempt to manage the evolving crises. The conference helps students develop and understanding of historical events, as well as group problem solving, leadership, and public speaking skills.


8th Grade

Join us on an extraordinary immersion journey as we explore the historical landmarks and vibrant culture of these iconic destinations while discovering the profound connection between our nation’s foundation and the presence of God.

Our immersive trip is specially designed to offer students a unique and enriching experience. Through a blend of captivating tours, interactive activities, and thought-provoking discussions, we aim to deepen our understanding of the historical, cultural, and spiritual significance of these three remarkable places.

In Washington, D.C., students will walk in the footsteps of our nation’s founding fathers, visiting key landmarks such as the Capitol Building, the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial. As we delve into the rich history of this influential city, we will also explore the ways in which the principles of faith and divine guidance played a vital role in shaping our nation.

Moving on to Gettysburg, we will commemorate one of the most pivotal moments in American history—the Civil War. By exploring the battlefields and engaging with expert guides, students will gain a profound appreciation for the sacrifices made by countless individuals and the complex issues that divided the nation. Through this exploration, we will uncover the ways in which faith and spirituality influenced the lives of those who fought and lived through this transformative era.

Finally, in the vibrant metropolis of New York City, students will experience the dynamic energy of a bustling cultural hub. From the iconic Statue of Liberty to the awe-inspiring 9/11 Memorial, we will examine how the spirit of resilience and unity following adversity can be rooted in faith. Our journey through New York City will also allow us to explore the diverse communities that have contributed to the fabric of this great nation.

Throughout the trip, students will engage in guided discussions, reflective exercises, and group activities that encourage them to contemplate the role of faith, spirituality, and divine guidance in the formation of the United States. Our aim is to foster a deeper appreciation for the unique tapestry of beliefs and values that have shaped our nation’s history.

Join us on this unforgettable adventure as we unravel the threads of history and witness how God’s presence is interwoven into the very fabric of our nation’s foundation. Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and transformed as we embark on this remarkable journey together.

Seeing God in the Foundation of our Nation