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Diagnostic Testing

In an effort to extend our academic program to a neurologically diverse population, Cornerstone Christian Academy has an educational diagnostician on staff, dyslexia therapists, and teachers who specialize in learning differences. Our Diagnostic Testing Program is open to all students, whether they are enrolled in CCA or not.

Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Achievement/Oral Language and Cognitive Abilities

The Woodcock Johnson IV (WJ-IV) is a broad-scope assessment system that is based on state-of the-science tests for individual evaluation of academic achievement and cognitive abilities. The WJ IV provides a comprehensive system for identification of patterns of strengths and weaknesses among important cognitive, language, and academic abilities. Achievement scores are derived from 11 subtests and provide performance evidence in reading, math, and written expression. Oral Language subtests provide information regarding expressive language. The cognitive tests yield 7 General Intelligence scores based upon 14 subtests. Scores are comprehensive and derived in all the following areas:

List of Cognitive Scores:

General Intellectual Ability
General fluid-comprehensive Composite
Comprehensive Knowledge
Fluid Reasoning
Short-term Memory
Cognitive Processing Speed
Auditory Processing
Long-term Retrieval
Visual Processing
Cognitive Efficiency

List of Achievement Scores:

Broad Reading
Basic Reading Skills
Reading Fluency
Broad Mathematics
Math Calculation Skills
Broad Written Language
Written Expression
Academic Skills
Academic Applications
Academic Fluency

Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (utilized if Dyslexia is suspected)

The CTOPP-2 is a comprehensive instrument designed to assess phonological awareness, phonological memory, and rapid naming. People with deficits in one or more of these areas may have more difficulty reading than those who do not. The CTOPP-2 identifies individuals ages 4 through 24 who may benefit from instructional activities to enhance their phonological skills.

Gray Oral Reading Test (utilized if Dyslexia is suspected)

The GORT-5 provides an efficient and objective measure of ability and growth in oral reading and comprehension. When used in conjunction with other batteries, it is used to identify students with reading difficulties who may need more intensive or explicit instruction in basic reading skills and comprehension.