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Fine Arts

Fine art philosophy

training students to reflect Christ’s creativity

The virtue of appreciating and reflecting the beauty of God’s creativity, is an integral part of our comprehensive educational program at Cornerstone Christian Academy. Our Fine Arts courses help train students to reflect this creativity. Students who master aesthetics perform better in their studies, perform better on the athletic field, respond with fresh ideas in ministry and have a creative edge over their peers.

At CCA, we seek to produce students who will take the lead in the aesthetic expressions of the next generation and use it for the Kingdom of God. Students are trained to identify and develop their unique, specific gifts, skills, and traits using art, music, graphic design, and beyond. All ages are given the opportunity to lead their peers in worship through singing, playing instruments, Biblical skit performances and puppet ministry. Students wield their creative skills as an effective tool for pointing others to the Savior. To accomplish this, our students are trained to be able to define various aesthetic expressions through a solid, Biblical worldview.