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Athletics Program

Athletic Philosophy

CCA Athletics seeks to incorporate all the areas of academic virtue into physical, spiritual, and mental acuity.  What is learned in the classroom is incorporated into how the student participates.  Students are encouraged and taught to think creatively and critically, utilizing classroom knowledge and training to perfect their abilities.  Moreover, our athletes are discipled to ensure that the honing of their physical skills is accompanied by the maturing of their spiritual character and love for God. 

Virtue Integration

For the fullest actualization of virtue, it is imperative that the Christian disciple submit to the Biblical injunction to be set apart from the world in all aspects of life. This applies equally to academics and morality as well as athletics. It is paramount, therefore, that Christ is the center of each athlete’s heart, attitude, and mind, on and off the field. What this translates into is a drive for excellence of character and performance and an ever-increasing submission to the process of becoming Christ-like through the opportunity provided by the physical discipline of athletics.

In Practice, this means:

  • CCA athletics strives to have each individual set task-involved goals. These goals involve measurable, controllable factors, that when met or progressed towards, build confidence and increases competitive edge.
  • CCA athletics uses a positive approach in coaching philosophy, which is essential in creating a fertile environment for ensuring intrinsic motivation and self-discipline.
  • CCA athletics encourages all student athletes to develop to their fullest capabilities and to give mutual encouragement to other athletes with the intent of creating strength in unity and maximizing team athletic potential.
  • CCA athletics utilizes training that involves increasingly-developed applications of current knowledge, both athletic knowledge as well as classroom knowledge, as well as gaining and applying new knowledge and skill sets. This creates athletes who think more critically and holistically and have a competitive advantage both on and off the field.
  • CCA athletics further educates their athletes in the physical application of drills, what anatomy is being affected or utilized, and how it applies to their specific sport. Our athletes are being trained to ensure their dedication to exercise and sport that will last throughout their lives.
  • CCA athletics never uses demeaning or dehumanizing forms of training and discipline. All athletes are mentored by coaches with dignity and positive discipline.