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Junior High Fine Arts Course Offerings



6th Grade Art

6th grade Art is an introductory art class surveying various 3-dimensional art. Students explore a broad range of techniques and approaches to art through the collage, mixed media, drawing, painting and sculpting.  Development of technical skills and artistic vocabulary will include drawing techniques, color wheel theory and 3 dimensional designs.  Also, research, art appreciation from a Biblical perspective, art history, and art in our community are regularly integrated as part of this course.

7th & 8th GRADE ART

7th & 8th Grade Art

Junior high school art is an art and design class. Sketchbooks are used by each student to explore project ideas, reinforce lessons from class and to practice drawing from various subject matters.  The emphasis on critiquing in this class is on original ideas, composition, artistic process, and aesthetic value of finished work.



Praise and Worship

This class is an introduction to music production and performance of the individual and collaboration of a group.  Students engage in a study of worship, style, music fundamentals, creative process, sound production, and rehearsal techniques.  Students taking this course are responsible for planning and leading the music for chapel and therefore are expected to exhibit a high level of personal discipleship.


Private Music Lessons

Students enrolled in private music lessons through CCA will earn .5 credit following successful completion of 48 hours of instruction. 



Praise and Production

This class is an introduction to the implementation of the components of elementary chapel.  Students engage in Bible study, create skits, and choreograph movement to worship music in order to lead the students in worship during our weekly chapel services.  Students must demonstrate a desire to grow in their personal discipleship, be a good role model for other students, and exhibit a high level of positive character. 


Speech & Debate

The goal of this course is to help students develop their abilities in public speaking and debate.  The course focuses on skills such as researching, presenting arguments both orally and on paper, and interacting with others in a formal debate style.  Students develop these skills using both speeches written by others, and by preparing and delivering speeches on topics of their own choosing.