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Why Work at CCA?

CCA is a great place to minister for the Christian educator.

It is a place where joining a professional community means developing and growing as a professional educator, as a Christian, and as a minister to students and families. It is a place to nurture and be nurtured, a place to enjoy the art and practice of teaching.

Working at CCA is all about identifying with God’s purposes for this institution, your personal walk, as well as the future of the Kingdom of God.

  • Modern pedagogy based on latest brain research
  • True critical (and creative, and redemptive) thinking
  • University Model scheduling
  • Top notch curriculum
  • Friendly, mutually supportive environment

What it takes to join the team

We are serious about what we do here and are strongly Christ focused. Therefore, we are looking for skilled professionals who are called to collaborate with us to do academic discipleship with our students and families.

All candidates must:

  • Have a strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Be certified and/or degreed to teach in the subject area.
  • Utilize school mission/vision to help students be next-generation disciples of Christ, that is, use their given responsibility to accomplish student-oriented and Kingdom-oriented mission goals.
  • Bring about learning/leadership for students such that educational content is assimilated, made memorable, and its application is properly transferred to other subjects and situations.

Job listings and application

All job posting and the link to the application are found on the K-12 JobSpot website. It’s easy to find all available positions.

First, Click HERE or on the following link to be taken to

Then, once you arrive at the k12jobspot website, type in Cornerstone Christian Academy McKinney and click search.

Finally, If you wish to apply for any job that is listed, you will need to create an account in k12jobspot and continue from there.

Thank you for your interest in Cornerstone Christian Academy. We will be praying for you that the Lord direct your paths as you seek a place to serve Him.