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Gift your child with the best in academic discipleship!

Yeah, we get it …


You’ve felt His leading, His prompting to get your kids ready for the next generation with a high caliber education, but in an environment that nurtures spiritually and emotionally.

You know that school shouldn’t be about taking a daily beating from the world or excessive homework, but should be about gaining strength, about meaningful preparation. It should be a place where academic excellence and human wholeness meet.

But there are so many educational choices! So much information! The process is overwhelming! You just want what God wants!

Yeah, we get it. We get it because we’ve been there too … hungry to hear from God, trying to get the right information so we can pray wisely.

We know that no single school, including CCA, is the right one for every student. What we offer on this page is a systematic way to find out about Cornerstone, so you can get to know us, so you can pray with wisdom, so you can hear from the Lord clearly, and so you can make the right decision.

So, with that in mind, let the journey begin.

Yeah, we get it …
  • Why CCA?

    CCA develops students holistically, as strong critical thinkers, in touch with the way God made them, socially healthy, and ready fulfill their God-given purpose. 

    Our comprehensive program teaches students to “learn smart” and “go deep.” Students succeed more and enjoy learning without the need to be buried in homework.

  • academically strong


    Teachers engage students, support parents, and provide teaching that is memorable, stimulates students to think critically, and extends beyond the walls of the classroom.

    The teaching staff is trained in the most effective pedagogy (teaching practices) based on the latest brain research. This results in a learning experience that is challenging, enjoyable and effective.

  • family-oriented


    From homework load to educational support, CCA puts the family first in education. Teachers and parents work together to ensure the student reaches full potential. CCA even works hard to keep the price family-friendly.

  • biblical worldview


    CCA philosophy and worldview are strongly Christ-centered and biblically-based. Students learn to think critically through their worldview so they are safe from intellectual predators and ready to give an answer with gentleness and respect.

  • affordable education


    A college prep education doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. CCA is often about half the price of traditional private Christian school.

    But don’t confuse our lower price tag for a lesser quality education. Our school model and excellent staff enable us to do much more with so much less.

Get the “Low-Down” in a Nut Shell

CCA Highlights

Just starting out and needing a bird’s eye view of CCA?

Click on the tabs to the right to get a synopsis of each category. Also, don’t forget to take a look at our mission statement below. It guides everything we do.

CCA is committed to partner with parents in developing the academic, athletic, creative, and moral virtues of students to become Christian disciples who are ready to fulfill their specific God-given purpose.

Step 1: Setting out on the trail.

Attend a CCA Informative Tour

Please register to attend a Informative Tour. You can register for the tour by clicking HERE, These tours are held at scheduled times.

Step 2: Taking in the sights

Explore our programs

Now that you have the overall picture of what CCA is all about, it’s time to take a closer look at the aspects that make CCA’s “wholistic” approach so unique and effective.

Be prepared to settle in and soak in some information. Let’s explore some of the major signposts along the trail.

Step 3: Time to take action

One trail ends…

But the adventure is just beginning

Now that you’ve reached the end of this trail, are you ready to start the rewarding challenge of academic discipleship with your child?

If so, click on the button below to be taken to instructions on how to start the application process. 

Then, the real journey begins!

Start my next adventure!