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Who we are

Find out how CCA was started and a brief history of its ministry to students and families. Catch a glimpse of how God has blessed this institution to bring Him glory and train disciples for the next generation in a biblical way.

Educational Philosophy

Use this link to discover Cornerstone’s overall educational philosophy. Here we discuss the Biblical view of humanity andy why we think a wholistic approach is more effective, more enjoyable, and glorifies God. 

Statement of Faith

Here you can explore the body of beliefs we hold and agree upon community wide. It also explains our “a-denominational” stance and how this makes us compatible with most Christian churches.

Administration and Staff

Click here to meet our qualified administration, staff, and board. 

Job Opportunities

Through this gateway, you can learn more about our expectations for our teachers and what it takes to partner with us in academic discipleship. You can launch from here to see available positions and apply online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did we miss something? Do you need more detail? Maybe you just want to see what questions you should’ve asked. Well, answers are only a click away.

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Our History

In the fall of 2002, a group of families met together to discuss the need for a new alternative in education for McKinney, Texas and the surrounding communities. At that time, two families were currently involved in a University-Model school (UMS) in another city. These families were tremendously pleased with the this model and the success it had with their children. After much prayer and consideration, the families felt led to bring this model of education closer to home and to meet the needs of the community. 

Cornerstone Christian Academy, therefore, had its inaugural year in 2004, opening its doors as a guest in a small church in Melissa. As CCA grew, it moved to McKinney where it continued to grow and prosper. Six years ago, CCA purchased the hospital building and nurse’s quarters across from Finch Park, where it currently resides and ministers to students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. 

Our Model: UMS®

Cornerstone Christian Academy is a certified University Model School® (UMS), a unique approach that integrates the best of homeschool, traditional, full-time private and public school, into an affordable, exciting, biblical (a-denominational) educational model!

Students from elementary through high school go to classes the way most college students do, that is, three days per week. The students receive professional, highly engaging instruction at school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from degreed, caring teachers. On Tuesday and Thursday they engage with their studies AT HOME (the satellite classroom) under a parent’s guidance.  Besides students learning more and preparing better for college, there are a host of other benefits: high parental involvement, Biblically-centered, more affordable, proven academic excellence, increased autonomous learning, and much more. Find out more by clicking on the graphic to the right, or the link in the above paragraph.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission: to partner with parents in developing the academic, athletic, creative, and moral virtues of students to become Christian disciples who are ready to fulfill their specific God-given purpose.

CCA was developed as a result of two guiding concerns: 1) to assist students in achieving their full spiritual and academic development; 2) to preserve and strengthen the God-ordained family relationships in which the Christian faith is most effectively fostered. While our program is solidly college preparatory, our goal is the holistic and plenary development of an individual as God intended them to be. You will see this reflected on our EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY

Like you, our desire is to equip each student to have a flourishing relationship with Jesus Christ and be an effect and apt witness for Him in every way. If God calls you to partner with us in this endeavor of academic discipleship, we are confident that jointly, and the Lord’s empowerment, we can make a meaningful impact on the success and progress of the Kingdom for generations to come. 

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